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Non-hormonal, Non-Invasive and Effective Vaginal Restoration

We are pleased to announce that we now provide vaginal restoration in our office. This is a non-invasive comfortable and effective procedure to solve a number of feminine health issues that are the result of normal aging, menopause and the effects of experiencing vaginal deliveries. Votiva by InMode uses a bipolar radio frequency process to… Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Awareness

Why do we and other physicians ask you about your home life during your visits with us? It is because we want to help women who are victims of domestic violence from an intimate partner. Domestic violence includes physical, sexual or emotion harm and is a vicious cycle. Many women experience forms of abuse for… Continue Reading

Surgeries Without Surgical Mesh (Mesh-Free)

We are sure that you have heard about issues caused by the use of surgical mesh in surgeries to correct pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. There are risks involved with using mesh in these cases and in 2011 the FDA published a warning regarding the placement and use of surgical mesh. Pelvic organ prolapse… Continue Reading