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Hereditary Cancer Screening

Most cancers occur by chance, but some families experience more cancers than can be explained by chance alone. We screen our patients for family cancer patterns that suggest a possible genetic mutation, that if inherited, would increase her risk for a hereditary cancer.  We guide our at-risk patients and help them make an informed decision about genetic testing that we can then perform in our office.  The results help us recognize patients at high risk for certain cancers such as breast and ovarian (Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer or HBOC Syndrome), as well as uterine, colon, and stomach cancers (common Lynch Syndrome cancers).   Our physicians manage many patients at high risk for hereditary breast, ovarian and uterine, cancers. Our goal is to help patients prevent these cancers through increased surveillance or prophylactic medical and surgical treatment options.  We believe hereditary cancer risk assessment is an important part of every day patient care.

Take this quiz to see if your may be a candidate for hereditary cancer testing:

If cancers run in your family, please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment and review your family history for a possible inherited condition.