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I love this practice; friendly; extremely knowledgeable and truly cares. T.G., Wake Forest

Dr. Roberts is amazing and one of a kind! N.C., Raleigh

I arrived early and was seen right away. Actually was done and left before my scheduled appointment time. Great staff–very friendly. L.W., Castalia

Dr. Hilbert is not just a physician. She is a wife and mother and relates to her patients on a personal level. The combination of her grasp of trade knowledge along with her genuine desire to take the very best comprehensive care of each and every one of her patients makes her the right person to oversee women’s health.   L.J., Raleigh, NC 

I think Dr. Barbee is the best at what she does. She takes time to make sure all your questions are answered and that you are well informed on what’s happening. I was super nervous at my first appointment, but she definitely has a calming personality, which made me feel at ease. She acts like she genuinely cares about you as a person, unlike most doctors. I will never change doctors as long as I can help it lol Also the Office was very clean & decorated like a very nice house. Staff was kind & courteous. Scheduling an appointment was also pretty fast and easy!   L.L., Smithfield, NC 

Friendly environment with a warm and spotless environment. They are very responsive to my needs and all of the professional staff I have seen have been exceptional. They go out of their way to help me when I have an immediate need and are so knowledgeable. I highly recommend this office. I also value how experienced and updated on current treatments the Dr’s are. This office offers exceptional care.   C.L., Raleigh, NC

Throughout my entire appointment they spent time listening and answering all questions I had.  I never felt rushed, they took the time to make sure all my needs were met.  The entire staff is compassionate and caring and would recommend them to everyone! M.M, Youngsville, NC

This is the best practice around!!!  Comfortable environment and setting.  Very professional with a twist of personal care that is hard to find.  I highly recommend this practice and will continue to go for all my future needs.  A.B. Youngsville, NC

I will (and do) highly recommend you to anyone I can. You [and your staff] are a great team and a pleasure to work with. I feel like not only did I get a problem corrected, but I made some new friends along the way. I am so glad that I opted for the surgery and that you were the one who performed it. I really enjoy the new me! Thank you again! D.G., Wake Forest, NC

I want to gratuitously thank you from my heart for your skill and tenderness. I know without a doubt that I could not have found a better surgeon for this procedure. You are professional and compassionate. You are a gift to all women. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need. J.B. Wake Forest, NC

Thank you for seeing me yesterday. Please forgive my crankiness. I was scared. You were wonderful and so is your staff. Your office is beautiful! K.S., Louisburg, NC

Thank you so much for being my doctor! It is so reassuring to know that my health is in such capable hands. Thank you for being so thorough as well. Your office is beautiful and so welcoming and warm. The extra special touches really show. It was like being at a spa! My mother and grandmother truly thank you as well. You are going to have such a successful practice. I am so proud to be a patient. J.P., Raleigh, NC

Many times I wondered why I was sent all the way to North Carolina. I now think it must have been to have you help me. I didn’t realize the discomfort I was in nor the drastic change to my body. With the great strides you took in making sure my health and well-being was of the utmost concern, I think my life will be very different. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and skill. A.E., Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to take a second to tell you THANK YOU!!! This is the first month in one year that I haven’t had a 2 or 2 week period. You’re a miracle worker!! Or, you actually listened to me, which is more than i’ve gotten from other doctors!!! You definitely have a patient for life!!! J.A., Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to thank you for being such a tremendous help to me. I know how busy you are and I have called a lot and have had a lot of question thank you for always taking the time to call me back. You should know that not all doctors do their job the way you do with courtesy and compassion. It really does mean a lot! L.H., Brooklyn, NY

It’s been six months since my hysterectomy, and I cannot thank you enough for literally giving me my life back. I haven’t had even a tinge of the pain that ruled my life for five years since surgery. Amazing! I didn’t realized how terrible I always felt, always popping pain killers and Advil, until I actually began to feel normal again. You will also be pleased that I am still not smoking and have lost 20lbs. Thank you for being such a skilled surgeon. You changed my life forever. S.R. Raleigh, NC

The minute I shook your hand at my initial consultation with you, I felt my overall anxiety level melting away. By the end of our appointment, it seemed as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew I had put my trust into the right surgeon’s hands. Not only are you an amazing surgeon, but a warm, concerned, and considerate individual. I cannot thank you enough for listening to all my worries and fears, and for answering all the questions my husband and I had for you. You are truly a rare gem, and I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found you! Thank you so much once again! A.K., Cary, NC

Thank you all for helping to keep me calm and comfortable last week. Words cannot express how helpful it was to know I had the help of such a great group of people keeping me safe! You’re fantastic! D, Raleigh, NC

I am grateful for your generosity of time and your continued support. I take great satisfaction in coming to you for my annual visits. It truly puts my mind at ease. M.D., Raleigh, NC

I wanted to thank you for the other week when I came in for my procedure. I never meant to get so emotional and you were so kind. You took the time to listen and ease my worries. Not once did I feel like a number or felt rushed. You didn’t have to do that. It was very much appreciated. K.B., Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule, I truly appreciate it. I hope to be able to repay the favor somehow in the future! Thanks so much! K.B., Raleigh, NC

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for being so great. It’s such a great example of how people in medicine should be. Thanks for your kindness, expertise and for answering all of my questions. I really appreciated all the support through this week. H.B., Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much for a wonderful life. No more pain, no leaks. I feel just great. E.K., Wake Forest, NC

Thank you so much for taking such an interest in my daughter. I really appreciate your time and caring. D.J., Raleigh, NC